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Three out of the four decks of the function boat are used as guest reception areas. The main party deck has a total area of 661 m2 and is a large single space for larger functions. On the upper floors of the function boat are two additional areas (122 and 139 m2) capable of entertaining 1000 guests for parties, conferences or exhibitions. At the top of the Europa there is a sundeck area of 320 m2.

From the open-air panorama deck, your party or business guests can enjoy the uninterrupted and magnificent views of Budapest and its surroundings on the River Danube and the famous buildings on either side of the river. Both of the two upper floor halls are furnished for the reception of VIP's and may be used as venues to receive government delegations. The Europa provides European quality audio-, video-, visual- and lighting techniques and also facilities for handicapped people.

The aim of the Europa function boat is to provide a unique environment and success for your party, business conference, banquet or convention with the widest range of services available to you; therefore, we not only supply venue and catering services for our clients but also provide numerous ancillary services related to the type of function you wish to hold on the party boat.

Service area:

  • 2 dressing rooms
  • 1 cloakroom
  • 2 section rooms
  • 1 main hall
  • 1 elevator (also suitable for guests with wheelchairs)
  • lavatories for ladies and men - furnished for 1200 people


Our own docks:

  • Szilágyi Dezső square

Low rate docks:

  • Dráva street - Hotel Hélia
  • Batthyány square 1.
  • Academy of Sciences
  • Vigadó 2. - Vénhajó restaurant

Dimensions & capacites of our separate halls on Europa event and party boat:

Furnishment forms Capacity (persons)
 Europa  Buda  Pest  Total
 theater  730  150  135  1015
 school  410  85  75  570
 banquet  470  100  85  655
 standing reception  660  135  120  915
 U shape  145  30  25  200
 U shape with chairs inside  240  50  45  335
 E shape  480  100  85  665

Europa function and party boat - Catering:

Our catering services are based on the culinary skills of our master chefs and state-of-the-art technology in the kitchen area. We can cater for 1000 guests at your function or party at any one time. In our food store there is a full range of international cuisine and Hungarian specialities. We are always prepared and willing to cater for our guests' special needs. Our waiters and waitresses are trained to provide an excellent standard of modern and classic catering services for our clients, therewith ensuring a high level of satisfaction when holding an function, party, business conference, exhibition or other event on the Europa.

Party boat - Other services:

We offer a casino (our guests can enjoy the excitement of gambling without risk!) and other promotional games in the rooms on the upper deck. These games are ideal for parties and lighter functions! There may be other needs too; a VIP area; different styles of music (e.g. jazz café), or a cigar corner or café. The Europa function boat can deliver what you need, as and when you need it!

The sun decks on our function boat are ideal for entertaining and catering for guests in good weather. There are many hours of sunshine in Budapest in summer and autumn! Coffee breaks, afternoon tea, cocktail bars, etc. The decks can also be used for sunbathing and resting, an ideal way to spend a short time before the main party or function begins!

Behind the scenes, our technical facilities offer numerous options to enhance your function, conference or party, which are in addition to the services we offer above deck. The main hall can be a swimming pool is which can be converted into a lush area for a cocktail party. A stage can be provided for important conferences, performances, concerts, bands or dancers, and the parquet floor provides ample space for those who wish to dance.
Our cocktail bar is normally open for one hour which can be extended if required. Alternatively, we can supply your guests with welcome drinks.

Both drinks and buffets can be totally customised to your requirements and tastes. We can also provide decorations, lighting, audio and other equipment which will make your function or party a really memorable occasion; tour guides who speak in Hungarian and other foreign languages, hostess services, etc.

Other services we provide include organizing corporate family days, conferences, birthdays, weddings, gala suppers, gala dinners, and more...


  • Relaxing salon and interlude music, evergreen melodies and/or musical songs between courses with talented musicians
  • Gypsy music
  • Folklore programmes
  • Dance performances
  • Fashion show
  • A local magician who entertains guests with deft, slight of hand tricks moving from table to table
  • Fireworks
  • Water ballet