Adventure tours by cross

  • Program: Adventure tours by cross-country cars
  • Duration: individual
  • Price: On the basis of the individual offer

The Tokaj Tour:
In the nooks and corners and impassable paths of Kopasz (Bald) Mountain the adrenaline can be brought to a peak and to reach a peak output of the car too. Delight in sky-high trees, in the colour tones and glimmer of the landscape where the rivers Bodrog and Tisza (pr. thysa) meet, in the cradle of Tokaj wines, in the world extending to our feet and in the houses on a micro-scale appearing in an 'ant's size. During the winter time there are provided skiing and sledging possibilities. It is pleasant to take a visit to a wine-cellar after an awe-inspiring and tiring day, tasting the fruit of the mountain ripened to wine and the wine-jelly which is a curiosity to this site.

The Hortobagy Tour:
Trying the challenging participants and cars we can take an excursion on the puszta which has a saline and parched soil, and cut through by irrigation canals, and that can be travelled with a safety provided by a perfect cross-country car, irrespective of weather circumstances on a land with a saline soil cracked through heat in the summer, in rain, in a car-detaining mud and on sites with pathless roads invisible due to snow in the wintertime. At the end of the day a well deserved dinner with a living music.

The Tisza Tour:
from Tiszadob to Tiszafured. Depending on the water-level, a crossing through the backwaters and flood-plains of the river Tisza. There is a possibility for a line fishing, rowing and water-skiing as required. A landscape providing an unparalleled Tisza riverside spirit, quietness and silence as a matter of curiosity of our age. An area providing a complete relaxation.

The Bereg Tour:
A tour full with challenges on a diversified terrain, in a morassy area, in sinking sand, you can conquer some areas not disturbed and not gone by the man. Our stations are: the mouth of river Tur, the bridge of the river Szamos of strong current and the water mill in Turistvandi.

Irrespective of seasons and weather conditions our tours provide a supreme experience in all periods of the year. In achieving this experience our cars, the Land Rover Defenders, at the choice of which its legendary trustworthiness and its unique cross-country travel ability play a prominent role.

Our impressive tours leave from Hotel Intercontinental. All guides are highly qualified professionals.

Prices include a pick-up fee, so all guests are transfered to meeting point from any Budapest hotel or private address in half an hour before the start. Guests can wait for the departure in a pleasant atmosphere perhaps have a nice coffee.

Pick-up service: please let us know if you need our free pick-up service. Indicate the hotel or private address where you need the pick-up. All programmes terminate at Hotel Intercontinental.

Group and private sightseeing: to satisfy your special requests we offer to organize individualized tours, with buses from 14-seater midibuses to coaches with a capacity of 72. Private guides are available. You set the time of departure and the route, we take you anywhere. At request we put together special offers.